How to turn off iPhone 13

How to turn off iPhone 13

Did you just get the new iPhone 13 and don’t know how to turn it off. as we know in the old iPhone generation you can turn it off by pressing and holding the Power button, but with the new Modern iPhone, this feature is no longer available.

How to turn off iPhone 13 pro max:

There are two easy ways that allow you to restart iPhone 13.

Software method:

to turn on iPhone 13 follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to setting, then go to general.
  2. scroll down the page, you will find an option called “turn off”.
  3. Click on it and the iPhone will be turned off.

How do I restart my iPhone 13 :

In a second way, we will use the accessibility shortcuts feature on iPhone.

  1. First, go to setting → accessibility shortcut → Touch.
  2. select the AssistiveTouch to turn it on.

You can also use Apple personal assistant, all you have to do is say “Turn on Assistive Touch”.

after you set up the screen home button on your iPhone, click on it, and you will see some options, click again on the device, then more, and finally, it will show an option called “restart”. you can always use it to restart your iPhone 13.

How do I turn off my iPhone 13 without touching the screen:

To turn off your iPhone 13 without touching the screen, there is a hardware method, you can do it by following the instruction:

Click on the volume up button then the volume down sequentially and quickly → then press and hold the power button until the iPhone turns off automatically.

You can check the video below for more details.

Power Off iPhone 11 Without Screen

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