Top 10 Movies on Netflix in 2024

Top 10 Movies on Netflix in 2024

Netflix now contains more than 3600 movies which could make you feel confused about the right choice to watch, there is plenty of films on this platform but not all of them deserve to be watched.

Sometimes you play a movie and you start watching it but then you realize that you don’t like it and you just waste your time on it, so you switch to another one hoping that you find some cool pieces, to avoid dropping in all of that we’ve made a list of “Top 10 Movies on Netflix in 2024” according to so many factors such as story, characters, cinematography and, special effects.

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1. Joker 2

Best movies on Netflix 2024.

Best movies on Netflix 2024.


With a budget of just over $50 million, she managed to collect more than 1,000 at the box office, making her the only movie over 18 years old to achieve that total. Warner, having seen the appeal of this vision of the character (played by Joaquin Phoenix), rushed to give the green light to a continuation that would be named Joker: Folly à Deux and will be released in theaters on October 4, 2024.

Although many details about it are not currently known, we know that it will be a musical film although not in the style of the one we can see signed by Disney, but a concept closer to the musical sequences of Orange Legend. Moreover, it seems like everything indicates that we’re going to have more violent scenes than those in our first feature-length film, although we don’t hope that clip goes too far

2. Deadpool 3

New movies on Netflix 2024.

New movies on Netflix 2024.


One of Marvel’s most famous characters has returned, but his comeback is not welcome in the industry due to the fact that the cameras started rolling for Deadpool 3 amid the Writers Guild of America’s strike, according to the characters’ writers. Instead of waiting for the conflict to come to its natural end, with the book concluding a new deal with the studios that produce their scripts, Marvel Studios decided to move forward and start working on the third film in Excellence. However, there are serious consequences for trying to make a sequel while some of the industry’s most respected workers struggle for better wages.

Apparently, because the project writers contracted the studio, Ryan Reynolds should not improvise any lines during the entire production period while the strike did not end. Since they have to follow the script letter delivered before the conflict begins, Reynolds will have to keep any joke he sees for himself, and strictly adhere to what is already on the page. Given how one of the most relevant features of Deadpool is constantly mocking what’s going on around it, it can be difficult for the team behind the movie to have only one dialog option to say.

3. Fractured

The most trending movie 2024.


The most trending movie 2024.

Fractured is a kind of psycho and not a horror movie of real stories that prove to be exhausting for all the wrong reasons. It’s its first Netflix film of 2019, so it can’t be treated as the world’s highest-grossing film, screenwriter Alan McIlroy, devised a reasonably terrifying scenario, which any parent can certainly relate to, but ironically once the hypothesis is established, the film becomes pale only from there, turning into a recurring series of arguments between Ray and the doctors and hospital staff who insist that his wife and daughter were not sick there. Instead, they claimed that Ray walked in himself, claiming ​that he suffered a head injury as a result of an unimportant accident. Worthington offers an effectively tense performance, which makes us feel empathy for his character’s plight while at the same time offering hints that Ray, a recovering alcoholic, may not really be a fully trustworthy hero, the film constantly plays with our perceptions, keeping us alternately on Ray’s side firmly and dropping hints that hospital staff, who continue to exchange suspicious looks, may in fact be unfit.

4. The Gray Man

The most viewed movie on Netflix 2024


The most viewed movie on Netflix 2024.


The Gray Man is an interesting combination of first-class actors, most notably Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Anna De Armas, with a budget of 200 million dollars for Netflix’s production and the Russo brothers with a writer-director seat after a good reputation with Marvel and a proven ability to exploit high budgets to produce technically good, commercially successful works that raised audience expectations.

The Gray Man takes place after 18 years as one of the best Sierra men to carry out covert CIA killings, Kurt Gentry, known as “Sierra 6” in his mission, confronts another Sierra agent who discovers the corruption of his boss, prompting the CIA to search for Kurt with the help of the mad agent Lloyd Hansen to get rid of him and get his evidence. The Gray Man is a highly classic spy and undercover film but offers high-quality and wide-ranging action, which the filmmakers wagered on due to its stereotypical nature. Despite the story’s stereotype and extreme simplicity, which often makes it predictable, it’s a coherent story without huge gaps affecting the viewing experience, which is enough for this kind of action.

5. Pulp Fiction

Best movies to stream right now 2024


Best movies to stream right now 2024.


It’s impossible for anyone to talk about Pulp Fiction and not commend it for Quentin Tarantino. He was very good at directing and participating in the script, and made 8 million films whose profits exceeded 10 million !!! He was and still is, at the top of all critics’ lists.

If we want to talk about the story, the fact of the film is that there is no story, it is a set of characters, some of them interconnected and some of them irrelevant, these strange characters, who throughout the film do their daily work no matter what, and the characters all come up with a lot of ideas in a lengthy discussion with each other.

Tarantino is the one who is credited with making the impossible equation work by directing a film that lasts in mind with a budget almost never exceeding the actors’ wages. With the amazing directing style and the wonderful basic and secondary conversations and the highly talented acting crew that were harnessed in the best way possible, we can say that this film deserves all the praise it has received, and even much more. I don’t think anyone can disagree with me saying that this film, even if only technically, deserves to be one of the top 10 films in history.

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6. Gladiator

Best movies on Netflix 2024



Gladiator shows the story of a powerful former Romanian general, whose family is killed in a power struggle by a corrupt emperor and sent into slavery, returning to revenge by trying to reach the top in wrestling, as part of the action, adventure, and drama.

Gladiator debuted in Los Angeles on May 1, 2000, and was released in theatrical form in the United States on May 5 and in the United Kingdom on May 11. The film received generally positive reviews from critics, with praise for the acting (especially Crowe and Phoenix’s performance), Scott’s direction, visuals, scenario, action sequences, musical score, and production values. It was a success at the box office with total box office profits of $187.7 million in the United States and $457 million worldwide making it the second-highest film in 2000. The film received multiple awards including five academic awards at the 73rd Academy Awards: Best Film, Best Actor for Crowe, Best Fashion Design, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects.

7. Forrest Gump

Best movies on Netflix 2024.



Best movies on Netflix 2024.

Perhaps no film has ever been presented in the history of American cinema with so many guiding signs for each individual viewer as Forrest Gump did in 1994 or Forrest Gump, and perhaps no film has ever touched the special space between the viewer and himself with such affection as Forrest Gump. Perhaps this is why the work director Robert Zemeckis and his film are so famous, and perhaps achieving more than $100 million in 18 days is just a response to the beautiful scenes of living in a fierce society that does not show mercy to the weak and the stupid. The film won six Oscar awards in 1995, and the 1994 film Shawshank Redemption was removed from the podium despite its merits, but the amazing intimacy with which Zemke tackled his subject caused him to seize the heart of every viewer to work with his hand, and the viewer looks at that hand between fear and hope and then gives up. The film stands between the viewer and himself and brings about a reconciliation between those whom society says are limited in capabilities and themselves, who yearn for them and give them hope for success. The late Egyptian writer Yehia Al-Tahir Abd Allah probably meant films like Forrest Gamb, when he said, “The old facts are always good for raising eyebrows.

8. Fight Club

Top movies on Netflix 2024


Top movies on Netflix 2024.

Fight Club is one of the twisted, thought-provoking, astonishing, crazy plot films. It has valuable but aimless ideas, and it illustrates the reality of the consumerism to which we have become its slaves. But the fact that the film is mind-manipulating has puzzled many viewers. In this post, we discuss the end of Fight Club.

Fight Club is the story of a car company employee with severe mental health problems. These mental problems result in persistent insomnia. So he’s looking for a way to relax and get himself out of the monotony of life that he spins in his orbit. The first part of the film deals with the somewhat normal life of the storyteller – Edward Norton – who goes to the patients’ nighttime meetings, for the sake of crying and relaxing so he can sleep and overcome insomnia. Perhaps this is his way of restoring peace to his troubled spirit. Al-Rawi lives alone, without a wife or children, and has no social relations at all. His life is empty and his bitter view of human identity is one of the reasons why he has created another character with all the qualities he lacks: Taylor-Brad Pitt. This is where he gets to know this character and shares his life with it. The narrator appears in the day and Taylor at night.


9. Blonde

Best Netflix original movies 2024.


Best Netflix original movies 2024.

The biographical film about the late actress Blonde was poorly evaluated by global critics and viewers, reaching 43% by 222 world critics and 32% by more than 1,000 viewers certified by the Rotten Tomatoes website, after its launch on 28 September on Netflix.

The movie also begins in 1933, when 7-year-old Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe lives in Los Angeles with her schizophrenic mother, in a house with images very similar to Clark Gable hanging on the walls, referring to what is rumored to be Marilyn Monroe’s father. Then comes the scenes of her house on fire as a child more than once, and the scenes of her mother’s ill-treatment of her, so the authorities put her in a government care home, and events continue.

10. Red Notice

Red notice Netflix movie 2024

Thefts films and the Search for Treasures are similar in many of their details, which were well known by those involved in the Red Notice film, so their primary motivation for making the film was to provide a primarily entertaining work that combined comedy and action well away from boredom.

The film is about a character analyst at the FBI chasing a burglar for artwork, and during the chase, he gets into trouble in order to save his career, he decides to cooperate with that burglar in order to arrest another thief who specializes in stealing artwork as well.

Films based on the idea of looting and chasing treasures are similar in many things so the script had to find a way to make a fun movie in the first place. Although the script has many clichés for films in the same category, it succeeded in not falling into the trap of boredom and was able to offer visual enjoyment to the viewers. This was shown by directly entering the events from the beginning with a strong chase, and by giving a good push of comedy with it, which was quite successful.

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