The 5 Best Sony TVs Of 2024

Sony 2024 Best TVs, We present to you Sony’s most famous TVs of 2024, with the latest technology available in terms of accuracy, quality, refresh rate, sound, and more.

Sony is one of the most known electronic equipment manufacturers, with two locations: one in New York and the other in Tokyo. The company provides many high-tech devices, including electronics, household appliances, phones, cameras, video game consoles, car audio systems, and, many more products…

If you’re looking to upgrade your old TV system or buy a new Sony TV, in this guide we’ve made a list of The 5 Best Sony TVs of 2024 including the specs and the prices.

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2. Sony KE55XH90P – 55 pouce

Best Sony TV 2024 55 inch.

Among Sony’s new TVs, the XH90/P series is ideal for those looking for a good quality, versatile smart TV model at a price below $ 1000 (for version 55”). The 4K HDR. X1 Extreme processor processes images in real-time, converting them to true 4K Ultra HD quality, up to 6 times the contrast of a traditional LED TV, making it possible to beautifully reproduce night scenes full of dazzling lights and deep blacks. X-Motion Clarity also allows you to enjoy high-speed scenes without losing detail or brightness.

Moving images are controlled to minimize blurring, making the action smooth and sharp. Triluminos monitors are able to reproduce a wider range of colors, with a faithful reproduction of light and shadows.

The audio has Clear Phase technology, which analyzes inaccuracies in the speaker response and compensates for them by sampling the speaker frequency itself for clean, natural audio transmission over the entire frequency range.

Specifications & Price:

Screen size  55-inch
Resolution 3840 x 2160p
Type LED
Operating system Android TV
Price ‎$849


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3. TV LED 4K 108 cm KD-43X7056

Best Sony TV 2024 43 inch.

Sony’s X70 series is part of the mid-range Smart TV range. They offer excellent picture quality and are ideal for those who enjoy watching their favorite movies and series in the evening, in a dark environment. The tiles are LCD type, with edge LED backlight and there is a Dolby Digital decoder integrated. The screen resolution is 4K UHD.

The highlight of these smart TVs is the X-Reality PRO processor, which reproduces sharp and optimized images, rich in detail, without noise or smudge, with natural colors; excellent blacks, too, which are very deep thanks to the X-Reality PRO processor. Video quality does not stay the same if you change the position from which you look at the screen: viewing angles are not very wide and favor the viewer who is placed in front of the TV. The recommended use is in the dark or dim, due to the low brightness of the panel.

On the other hand, the audio sector includes two 10W Bass Reflex Speaker speakers that provide a clear and balanced sound, perfect in a home environment.

Specifications & Price:

Screen size  43-inch
Resolution 4k
Type LED
Operating system Google TV
Price ‎$299


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4. Sony KD-75X85J

Best Sony TV 2024 for the money.

The Sony X80J series is an excellent 4K smart TV with HDR. support, with an integrated Dolby Vision system, ideal for all PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro console players who want a responsive gaming experience with detailed images and intense colors.

The X-Balanced speaker also optimizes TV sound to play dialogs, music, and surround effects with greater clarity and definition, adapting to all types of content. The 4K HDR. X1 Extreme processor and 4K X-Reality Pro technology convert images to true 4K HDR. quality with sharp, detailed images. The color range of Triluminos screens is wider, ensuring a faithful reproduction of light and shadows, with richer and more saturated colors.

The multimedia experience is immersive and can be enjoyed from multiple perspectives. This television is therefore also suitable for use in environments where the viewer is not always in front of the screen. The response time is very good: moving images are controlled to minimize blurring, making the action smooth and sharp. This feature will be very popular with action movie fans, as well as players. For the latter, the input time of only 11.8 seconds is also excellent news.

Specifications & Price:

Screen size  42-inch
Resolution 4k
Type LED
Operating system Google TV
  Price ‎$700


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5. Sony KD-49XH8096




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