Best iPad to buy in 2024

The Best iPad to Buy in 2024

Having an iPad can be very helpful to you, it can be used for different tasks like taking notes, watching videos, playing games, and making calls… However, choosing the right iPad to fit your needs and budget can be difficult. To help you with your choice, we’ve made a list of “The best iPad to buy in 2024” considering many factors such as the price, performance, and design.

Besides that you are an Apple customer, many reasons make you choose an iPad instead of going to an Android tablet, one of the great advantages of an iPad is that you can run powerful apps effortlessly like Photoshop or Microsoft Office, also an iPad can be a solid alternative to a laptop and easier to handle.

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The best iPhones to buy in 2024

Best iPad for 2024

We tested every product and service to make sure you get the best options available. Note that this list below is regularly updated according to what’s new in the market.

1. iPad Pro M2 (6th generation): Best Overall

iPad Pro M2 (6th generation): Best Overall

The iPad Pro M2 is a high-end device that offers the best performance it works perfectly for heavy uses apps like Adobe Fresco, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more… with the new M2 chip that makes the CPU run 15% faster with 30% faster graphics and, 50% more memory bandwidth all this improves while keeping 10 hours lasting of battery life.

One of the main features of this iPad model is the new Apple Pencil Hover that provides responsive tache sensitivity, the 6K screen has an extremely dynamic range with up to 1600 nits of peak brightness, also the design of this tablet is very beautifully available in 4 different colors sliver, pink, yellow and blue.


operating system iPadOS 16.1, upgradable to iPadOS 17.2
CPU  Apple M2
RAM  16GB.
storage 256/128/512GB, 1TB
Display 12.9 inches, Liquid Retina, 120HZ, 2048 x 2732 pixels
Rear camera 12+10MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery Li-Po 10758 mAh, fast charge 18Wht
Price From $900


To learn more about this high-performing iPad, check out the full guide to the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch Gen 6 review.


2. Apple iPad (10th Generation): Best iPad for most people

Apple iPad (10th Generation): Best iPad for most people

We recommend this iPad to people who are interested in iPad Pro, but they may not need all its superior features. The main difference is that it has the Apple M1 chipset, which may not be as powerful as the iPad Pro, but it still has a similar design, battery life, and accessory compatibility.

The other two main differences are that it doesn’t have a lot of storage size and it has a smaller screen compared to the Pro model (and uses a different technology, although we’re not sure that most users will notice). When we test the hardware, we don’t mind these differences most of the time, unless you’re a power user, you may want to find a better device. This is especially the case for students, it is something like the iPad Pro, but it costs less, and people with a limited budget may find it ideal. Although there are other cheap options on this list.


operating system  iPadOS 15.7, upgradable to iPadOS 17.2
CPU Apple A14 Bionic
storage 256/64GB
Display 10.9 inches, Liquid Retina, 1640 x 2360 pixels
Rear camera 12MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery  7600 mAh Li-Ion (28.6 Wh)
Price  $419


To learn more about this device, check out the full Apple iPad Air (2022) review.


3. iPad 9th Gen 10.2: The best budget iPad

iPad 9th Gen 10.2: The best budget iPad

When it comes to the price this iPad model offers some great features, the iPad 9th Generation comes 64GB configuration model base for around $200 price you will get the familiar-looking iPad design with a 10.2-inch display, the A13 Bionic CPU chip and an Upgraded front-facing ultra-wide camera. The Home button supports the touch ID, and the battery is reported to last for over 10 hours of heavy use, even though this tablet is the cheapest Apple iPad you can get, it still supports 20 watts of fast charging. This model also comes in different colors and storage size options that you can choose from. In general, if you’re on a budget and looking to get a new Apple tablet, the iPad 9th generation may be the perfect choice for you.


operating system iPadOS 15, up to iPadOS 17.2
CPU Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)
storage 256/64GB
Display 10.2 inches, Liquid Retina, 1620 x 2160 pixels
Rear camera 8MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery  Li-Ion, non-removable 8557 mAh (32.4 Wh)
Price $200


For more information about the iPad 9th Gen and other cheap options, check out the full guide to the best iPad deals.


4. iPad Air (5th generation): Best iPad for students

iPad Air (5th generation): Best iPad for students

The iPad Air 5th comes with an impressive thin lightweight design at only around 1 pound which makes it easy to hold and carry in any place, combining high building quality and good compacting, there is a touch ID on the side and a 12MP rear camera in the back which supports 4K recording videos, the front camera also offers a great experience in FaceTime calls.

This iPad has a multi-touch liquid display offering excellent resolution, The M1 chip comes with 8-core CPUs, and it runs perfectly on every single task, the battery is also pretty good it gives you over 10 hours of web surfing. This iPad has an awesome design and powerful hardware that works well on all apps and, it comes with a case and magic keyboard at a very good price making it the perfect deal for students.


operating system  upgradable to iPad 17.2
CPU A14 Bionic
storage 64/256GB
Display 10.9 inches, 1640 x 2360 pixels
Rear camera 12MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery Li-lon 7606mAh, (28.93 Wh)
Price $500


For more about the iPad Air 5th and other options, check our full guide to the best iPads for students in 2024.


5. iPad Mini (6th generation): Best Small iPad

iPad Mini (6th generation): Best Small iPad

The iPad Mini 6 generation comes with a performed A15 chip, a beautiful small design, and a nice featured camera, it works perfectly as a regular basic uses tablet. On other meanings, the iPad mini is a smaller, lightweight alternative to other tablets, so if you want a device that you can easily put in your bag (or a large pocket), it’s a good option for you.
We found this iPad powerful, and we loved its modern design and portability which allows you to control this whole device with one hand. But it is still considered at a higher price than the other entry tablet brands, and disappointing on many sides such as battery life and accessory compatibility, this is not the choice to consider first when you’re looking for a new iPad, there’s a market for the iPad Mini, but it’s more specific than the iPad Pro or Air models. However, you can get this iPad now for around $400 which can be a good deal if you’re looking for a small iPad device with medium requirements.


operating system

iPadOS 15, upgradable to iPadOS 17.2


 Apple A15 Bionic

storage 256/64GB
Display  8.3 inches, 2266 x 1488 pixels, 60Hz, Refresh rate
Rear camera 12MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery 5078 mAh, Li-Polymer, Not user-replaceable
Price $400


If you want to know if the iPad Mini is the right choice for you, check out the full guide to iPad Mini: buyer’s Guide, should you buy?



What is the most powerful iPad?

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro M2 is the best high-performance iPad model currently available due to its powerful new M2 chip that delivers great CPU and graphics performance, as well as advanced connectivity technology, but there are still other good options that can. Fit others’ needs and budget.

Which is better iPad Air or iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro contains the M2 chip which seems to offer better performance with the ProMotion display than the M1 chip, also the iPad Air does not adopt Face ID and it comes with limited storage size. However, the iPad Air remains a reliable choice even for powerful tasks and comes with an Apple Pencil 2 that can help you take extensive notes. You should also keep the price line in mind since iPad Air models often sell for $200 cheaper.

How we test

To come up with this list of the best iPads to buy in 2024, we spent hours testing each model across various aspects of software and hardware including performance, storage, battery, and camera testing, and we also considered the product design and pricing in our review, to provide confidence in the quality of our readers’ choices.

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