Best Free Offline iPhone Games in 2024

Playing video games on your iPhone may be a great way to spend time when you are bored and especially if you are in offline mode like when you are heading on a plane ride, as there are also many other enjoyable tasks that you can do on that same time such as listing to music, watching videos or, using other useful offline apps.

The iPhone operating system is designed to support many amazing games there is a million game options that you can try on your iOS device, but not all of them are worth it, that’s why to help you pick the top choices, we’ve made a list of the Best Free Offline iPhone Games in 2024 that you can download it for free and enjoy playing it without the need for an internet connection.


1. Plants vs. Zombies

The best offline iPhone games in 2023

The best offline iPhone games in 2024.

If you want to test your fighting ability and tactical skills against the zombies, we will immediately recommend this game. So it’s a completely free iPhone game that runs without the Net. You’ll have a unique experience fighting zombies who attack and feed on your plants.

The game revolves around 26 different kinds of zombies who will kill after you and feed on you, and there are about 49 different kinds of plants. And you should use your combat skills to kill zombies before they can find you. And you’re going to look for zombies in the vase, and the faster you destroy them, you can hold the flowers and plants and protect them from damage. One of the great things also about this game is that it only requires IOS 7 to run.


2. Into the Dead 2

best free offline iPhone games


Into the Dead 2 is a first-sight action game in which you play as a survivor in a zombie world. Unlike the first installment of this saga, this game has a tall interesting story style so that you can eventually learn more about your personality.

The way you play in Into the Dead 2 is very simple. On the left side of the screen, you can control the movement of your personality, while on the right, you can take pictures. You’ll need to use these controls to avoid and kill zombies, trying to get to the target in one piece.


3. Leo’s Fortune

The most popular offline game in 2023

The most popular offline game in 2024.


Leo’s Fortune is a uniquely interesting game developed by 1337 & Senri LLC, also called Abu Shanab game, due to the shape of the main character, the game is very fun and has been classified as an adventure and suspense game, it does contain a wide range of stages, which are more than twenty level.

Abu Shanab’s character, who is the main character, attempts to find a lost person and your mission is to deliver him to that person, but your path will not be easy as you will find yourself facing many difficulties and challenges and also enemies that you will have to eliminate in order to continue playing.


4. Crossy Road

The best offline ios games


This is an endless Arcade game and one of the best free games on the iPhone. It requires you to steer the chicks along different paths without the vultures breaking or preying on them. The main goal of the game is to cross roads, paths, and rivers without collision or collapse in the process. Press the screen to move forward and slide into different sides to skip the corners.

Be sure not to slacken or take three steps in a row too late. because once you do that, the Chicken Eagle will be taken away, and you will eventually lose the game, This game also supports the old iOS version.



5. Temple Run

Best offline iPad games 2023

Best offline iPad games 2024.


Temple Run is one of the best-known 3D iPhone and iPad games and is also one of the most popular Android games. The main idea of the game is to run as fast as possible before the monster catches the player.

The game revolves around the player entering the temple to retrieve the treasure. Then the player starts running at full speed, trying not to hit the hurdles when running, and if the speed drops, the monster will catch up and eat it. If he manages to escape quickly, the player will get many coins from the treasure. This game requires iOS 8 or higher.


6. Asphalt 8

best offline iphone games for airplane


For racing enthusiasts, it’s an iPhone game that you can play without a Net connection. it is a very popular game among players. It has been widely circulated since its launch in 2004. The game has now been significantly developed, so it is among the best in racing games. Asphalt 8 offers players an excellent experience of challenge, confrontation, and speed. It allows the ability to play it offline without having to go online mode and provides many races that can make you earn points.

It also allows you to compete with friends online or with players from any country in the world. To be more interesting, in addition to the many path tracks in the game, it also offers different kinds of racing cars with global brands such as Mercedes and BMWs. The game offers a free version, but some of its features are available to be paid for.


7. Angry Birds

The best free offline game on the app store

The best free offline game on the app store.


Although the game is a simple iPhone game, it has completely changed the game world. This is due to excellent graphics and the availability of multiple versions. The idea of the game is to throw the birds from a distance to reach the goal and earn points. It can be completed in offline mode but it provides also the ability to play online with friends and compete for points.

The game provides more than one species of bird, and each bird has a unique weapon such as a speed bird, giant slow bird, triplets, explosive bird, and so on. The player can choose a bird for each stage.

This game is completely free to be played, Except for some bird species that are available to be purchased but they can be obtained through a lot of gold coins during the play process.



8. Jetpack Joyride

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One of the best free iPhone games that run offline without a net. JetPac Joyride is a game of mechanical dragon jumping. Rushed to the scientific research laboratory, and he plundered several usable experimental flight bags. collect various coins and airplane acquisitions to earn points. Once the dragon is flying, click on the screen to rise and raise your hand away from the screen to get down. This game is available for iOS 9 version or higher.


9. Fallout Shelter

The best free offline iPhone games 2023

The best free offline iPhone games 2024.


It’s one of the best strategy-free iPhone games on the iPhone. The game relies on players to build up their own coffers and lead people close to green fields and pastures to help grow, and players can win more points and open up more advanced levels in the game.

Players can also build a radio room to attract followers and more residents to their basements, allow residents to approach their location, and explore different surfaces with some residents to protect followers from life danger after a nuclear attack. This game requires iOS 10 or higher.


10. Really Bad Chess

Best offline iPhone game in 2023


One of the best and most famous iPhone games that work without an internet connection. Chess is a game that a lot of people in different countries of the world love because it’s about intelligence and concentration and brainpower challenge.

The game begins at a low level and gradually becomes more difficult until the player reaches the professional level. The game also provides the ability to change the shape of the chess and floor so that the player reaches the shape that suits them. The game is completely free at the iTunes store.